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Amazon Omega is the US distributor of high grade, pharmaceutical quality Sacha Inchi oil grown and processed in Peru.

The Sacha Inchi material is strictly controlled by the Amazon Omega Staff at each phase of the process including land preparation, planting, growing, harvesting, pressing/filtering, bottling and shipping of the oil. We only use organic sustainable farming methods and procedures in the farmlands and professional food quality standards in the production facility in Tarapoto, Peru.

Amazon Omega is a supplier with a commitment to science, health, and the environment. Our company supports the development and local empowerment in Tarapoto, Peru and its surrounding communities with no negative environmental impact .

Rain Forest Sustainable Farming

The Sacha Inchi plant starts flowering within five months and fruiting within just eight months of planting. With a lifespan of over 10 years, it is a sustainable crop and the plant provides a steady, reliable source of income for the Amazonian grower while minimizing the overuse of precious lands. Solids left over from the oil production, rich in proteins and with good nutritional value, are being used to feed cattle.


Map: Institute of Peruvian Amazon Research,
Instituto de Investigación de la Amazonía Peruana.

Almost two-thirds of Peru consists of tropical lowlands (green in the map above), the western edge of the immense Amazon basin, yet barely 12% of the population live there. Sacha inchi is one of the crops the Peruvian government's Pro Amazonía program is trying to develop in the region.


Sacha Inchi Oil contains 54% Omega 3 and is high in antioxidants. It is 100% free of Mercury and PCB unlike fish oil which may contain these toxins. Sacha Inchi oil is easily digestible allowing the body to convert the omega complexes into DHA and EPA and it boosts the bodies HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers dangerous triglycerides.

Sacha Inchi has a mild flavor with a nutty finish and it has rejuvenating and nourishing effects on the skin and provides a soft and glossy look to the hair…Read more

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